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Choose the language(s) that you will print on your wedding invitations.  Choose "Other" if your desired language or language combination is not on the popular language list.  A representative will contact you if we believe that the amount of wordings that you have for your chosen card will not work with the language combinations that you chose.


If you choose "English with Customer Supplied Foreign Language", please send your wedding invitation information to us in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe InDesign formats.  Please include the Foreign Language font file in TrueType font or OpenType font formats.


If you chose "Other", a representative will contact you to refine the cost of the "Other" language(s) that you plan to have printed for your wedding invitation cards.  A placeholder amount of $150 will be added to your shopping cart; however, that amount can go down or up after the consultation with our representative.

Please choose your raised ink color for the wedding invitation. Our default is to print your wedding invitations in thermography (raised ink). If you prefer flat ink, please let us know in the "Customer Order Notes" section when you submit your order. Please specify "Print in flat ink".


Raised ink is where you can feel the words on the paper when you run your fingers over the wedding invitation wording. At an angle you can see that the ink is raised on top of the paper.


If you choose "Custom PMS Mixed Ink", we have to custom mix various ink colors to produce the desired shade of ink. A representative will contact you to understand the color that you are looking for and will guide you to choose the PMS ink color that needs to be custom mixed for your order.


Click this link to preview ink colors.

Please choose the font style that you would like used for names and nouns on your wedding invitations


Click this link to preview fonts

Please choose the font style that you would like used for the rest of the body text on your wedding invitations


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Total :$ 120.00
Estimated Total :$ 120.00

Seal and send all in one card with raised ink on ecru paper.  No envelopes.  The response card portion is perforated to tear off and return to sender.  



Approximately Open: W 5 1/2" x H 14 1/2", Closed:  W 5 1/2"  x H 3 5/8"


If you have any special requests or would like us to design customizations, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can create a quote for you based on your customized needs.  You can also use the "Request Quote" form to tell us more about your customized needs and submit a custom quote.





SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
Simply Perfect Seal and Send5074$ 2.40
7599$ 1.77
100124$ 1.46
125149$ 1.40
150174$ 1.36
175199$ 1.33
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