The Purpose of Business Cards

Business cards are effective for professionals to exchange contact and to promote their businesses/companies for networking. A unique and attractive design with creative colors and images can help you effectively promote your business and set the desired impression.

The basic role of a business card is to seamlessly share contact information.  When you meet with a potential customer or supplier, you can leave a business card for that person to follow-up with you via email, text, or voice.  A business card makes it quicker than writing your name and number down. It’s also easier for your contact to read contact information from a business card. With smartphones, your contact can easily use mobile apps to seamlessly take a photo of your business card to add your contact to a database.

A business card can help convey your professional credentials.  To work on a project or job, your business card can minimize concerns from a potential client, supplier, or neighbor about your ability to effectively deliver.  Use your business card to establish credibility with potential clients and suppliers when you introduce yourself for the first time.  Add professional certifications or credentials to your business card to show your qualifications to fulfill the project or job.  When you meet a potential customer or supplier for the first time in a business setting, it is customary to exchange business cards.  Providing an attractive and informative business card at your first greeting shows your professionalism to the potential customer or supplier.

Awareness is a key for any business.  A business card is a cost-effective tool to create awareness. Your business card serves as a reminder to potential customers and suppliers about your company and its products or services.  For example, as a general contractor, having your business card in the hands of many locals sets the stage for future project and job opportunities.  When someone decides to remodel or do handy work on a home, the prospect might call the friendly contractor who left a business card.  An attractive business card can strengthen brand recognition for your business.

Ways to Design Your Business Cards

A well-designed custom business card gives the impression that you are an expert in your field.  You don't need to be a design expert to create a unique design for yourself.  Here are the ways to do it at AP Printing:

  • Upload your own artwork
  • Browse our template collection and choose a template that fits your style
  • Design your business cards from scratch using our Design Studio
  • Have our in-house designers to create a design for you.


Standard Business Cards

Standard Business Cards

  • Classic high-quality business cards
  • Thick 14-18pt cardstock options
  • Same day pick up or next day shipping
Plastic Business Cards

Plastic Business Cards

  • Clear, white or frosted plastic cards
  • Thick 20pt, durable & waterproof
  • Full color on front or both sides
Painted Edge Business Cards

Painted Edge Business Cards

  • Printed on thick 32pt uncoated cardstock
  • Delivers a bold look, from any angle
  • Your choice of 16 painted colors