The ink colors this page are a small subset of what we have available. If necessary, please contact us to inquire about other ink colors. Please note that device video simulations (i.e., computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) of the colors below may not match the actual product because different devices with different types of graphics processors and displays render color differently. Also, different lighting and glances of the product at different angles makes the ink colors look different too.


01.   Ink Color: Yellow
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #FFE617
  RGB Code: 255,230,23
  CMYK Code: 0,1,100,0
02.   Ink Color: Process Blue
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #0081C7
  RGB Code: 0,129,199
  CMYK Code: 100,10,0,10
03.   Ink Color: Rhodamine Red
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #E7459A
  RGB Code: 231,69,154
  CMYK Code: 3,89,0,0
04.   Ink Color: Green
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #00A68B
  RGB Code: 0,166,139
  CMYK Code: 100,0,59,0
05.   Ink Color: Purple
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #C151B8
  RGB Code: 193,81,184
  CMYK Code: 38,88,0,0
06.   Ink Color: Violet
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #7C4BAC
  RGB Code: 124,75,172
  CMYK Code: 98,100,0,0


07.   Ink Color: Red 185
  PMS Code: 185
  HTML Number Code: #ED4E5A
  RGB Code: 237,78,90
  CMYK Code: 0,91,76,0
08.   Ink Color: Red 199
  PMS Code: 199
  HTML Number Code: #DD515E
  RGB Code: 221,81,94
  CMYK Code: 0,100,62,0
09.   Ink Color: Pink 189
  PMS Code: 189
  HTML Number Code: #FCA1B5
  RGB Code: 252,161,181
  CMYK Code: 0,37,10,0
10.   Ink Color: Gray 421
  PMS Code: 421
  HTML Number Code: #B0ADAB
  RGB Code: 176,173,171
  CMYK Code: 0,0,0,26
11.   Ink Color: Orange
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #FC7323
  RGB Code: 252,115,35
  CMYK Code: 0,53,100,0
12.   Ink Color: Purple 265
  PMS Code: 265
  HTML Number Code: #9E74CC
  RGB Code: 158,116,204
  CMYK Code: 54,56,0,0


13.   Ink Color: Purple 267
  PMS Code: 267
  HTML Number Code: #765298
  RGB Code: 118,82,152
  CMYK Code: 89,100,0,0
14.   Ink Color: Teal 321
  PMS Code: 321
  HTML Number Code: #007D85
  RGB Code: 0,125,133
  CMYK Code: 100,0,31,23
15.   Ink Color: Gold 874
  PMS Code: 874
  HTML Number Code: #AD8C69
  RGB Code: 173,140,105
  CMYK Code: 0,20,50,30
16.   Ink Color: Black
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #000000
  RGB Code: 0,0,0
  CMYK Code: 0,0,0,100
17.   Ink Color: Warm Red
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #FF615E
  RGB Code: 255,97,94
  CMYK Code: 0,77,59,0
18.   Ink Color: Rubine Red
  PMS Code: 
  HTML Number Code: #DA3C7A
  RGB Code: 218,60,122
  CMYK Code: 17,90,31,1


19.   Ink Color: Chocolate Brown
  PMS Code: 476c
  HTML Number Code: 4c3327
  RGB Code: 765139
  CMYK Code: none
20.   Ink Color: Plum
  PMS Code: 276C
  HTML Number Code: #201C3E
  RGB Code: R:32 G:28 C62
  CMYK Code: C:87.0 M:87.0 Y:0.0 K:51.0
21.   Ink Color: Burgundy
  PMS Code: 208U
  HTML Number Code: 990000
  RGB Code: R112 G0 B45
  CMYK Code: C0 M100 Y36 K37
22.   Ink Color: Blue 072
  PMS Code: pms blue 072
  HTML Number Code: #380096
  RGB Code: 0, 24, 168
  CMYK Code: 100, 86, 0, 34
23.   Ink Color: Warm Gray 9
  PMS Code: pms warm gray 9
  HTML Number Code: #877467
  RGB Code: 130, 120, 111
  CMYK Code: 0, 8, 15, 49